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      While the Green Mask Stick offers a handy and doubtlessly effective cleaning answer for a few, it is critical to control expectations. It’s no longer a miracle treatment for greasy pores and skin or dullness, and its blessings may be brief. Additionally, don’t forget these factors:

      Individual Needs: Different pores and skin types have various needs. Choose a Green Mask Stick with components appropriate for your unique concerns, like hyaluronic acid for dryness or witch hazel for zits-susceptible skin.
      Patch Test: Always do a patch check before applying any new product to your face, particularly if you have touchy skin.
      Holistic Approach: Remember, healthy pores and skin flourish on a constant skincare routine, balanced weight-reduction plan, and ok sleep. Don’t rely solely on the Green Mask Stick for long-term effects.
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